It seems that every decade or so Sally Chilvers has reinvented herself; whether by circumstance or choice she has changed her occupation.

Sally studied Technical Production for her BDA at NIDA; has worked as Stage Manager for STC; Stage Manager, Tour Manager and Music Co-ordinator for Opera Australia; an Events Co-ordinator; as owner of her own iconic bookshop in Manly for 13 years; as General Manager for Dymock’s George Street Bookshop; and Better Read Than Dead in Newtown.

However her life and that of her husband, Simon, had changed dramatically when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis bringing to an end his own theatrical working career in 1996.



As Simon’s disease progressed Sally, whose inspirational father had been a GP, decided to devote herself to this MS conundrum and in the process discovered Chinese Medicine.

She had always been interested in acupuncture and believed that a holistic approach to MS, an auto-immune disease, would be well worth investigating

This was reinforced by Simon’s own research which had lead him to the work of Professor George Jelinek, author of ‘Overcoming MS.’ This emphasised the crucial importance of meditation, diet and healthy lifestyle, and a week’s MS retreat in the Yarra Valley headed by Prof. George himself was utterly convincing.

Not prone to half-doing things Sally enrolled full time in UTS and completed her Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2016.

She has completed a Chinese Internship at the Teaching Hospital of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; further study with Dr Wang Ju-Yi at his Channel Palpation Research Centre in Beijing; and also in London with the renowned Japanese Master, Ikeda Masakazu, which has inspired her to include Japanese acupuncture as part of her suite of treatments.

Sally recently opened a natural medicine clinic ben&biao in Randwick in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The practice uses acupuncture, moxibustion (heat therapy), cupping and Chinese herbs to help people to manage their health issues. Of course she has a particular interest in MS and treats its common symptoms such as fatigue, pain, anxiety, motor and balance issues.

Sally lives with husband Simon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Her enthusiasm and energy for family, friends and life means that she is always up for whatever is on – from a swim or just a paddle in the harbour, a walk on the beach, a celebration of a family milestone, or to dinner with friends. And if there’s any time left over, she loves the theatre, a concert or just immersing herself in a book.

Natural Medicine Clinic
203 Avoca St Randwick NSW 2031
tel: 0403 273 008

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