Simon Chilvers is a true renaissance man, who has lived his life driven by a need to create.

And the incredible breadth and depth of Simon’s art work, including nudes, still lifes, landscapes and abstracts, is a true reflection of his own constant re-invention.

“All my life I have followed my passions, and I have continually re-invented myself. Completely self-taught, I have always had a fascination for making things with my hands.

“Things involving detail and craft. Things that in the making invite me into a private world of self-expression, where only my rules and their own inevitable logic apply.”

And now finally, after a lifetime of drawing, painting, jewellery making and even SiPadding, Simon has been encouraged by family and friends to share his beautiful pieces of art with the world.

So you can enjoy Simon’s art in your home, with your own limited edition, numbered print, printed on the highest quality archival paper.

Whether you simply fall in love with a print or a group of prints that you feel you just have to own, or carefully select a print according to fit your décor by size or subject matter, ordering online is an easy and affordable way to own a beautiful quality piece of Simon Chilvers’ art for your home.

Meet Simon Chilvers

“When I was just 15 I wanted to leave school to pursue my passion for painting, but like so many of my generation my parents said I had to get a proper job…and the rest, as they say is history!

“Driven by a desire to create but also a need to earn an income, I realised a career in advertising would allow me to combine business with art.

“But although I got away with it in advertising, a stint in amateur theatre that was only supposed to last two months became a 35-year ‘diversion’ from the advertising game, and I embarked on a brand new career, where I got away with it again!”

Simon Chilvers went on to become one of Australia’s best-loved and most respected stage and screen actors, although he was entirely self-taught.

At the peak of his work he would be rehearsing in the Sydney Opera House in the morning, then flying to Melbourne to perform in the afternoon, and then back to Sydney at night, all in the same day!

Simon’s unbroken run of work finally halted in 1996, when he was performing in the 3rd preview of David Williamson’s Heretic, in a part that Williamson specifically written with him in mind.

Simon couldn’t concentrate, he couldn’t remember his lines, and in every actor’s worst nightmare had to simply say to his director: “I’m sorry, I can’t go on.”

At first Simon thought it was simply exhaustion and anxiety, but finally a diagnosis MS made sense…and as Simon says, “It was nature’s way of reminding me of where my true love lay – enough was enough!”

So finally, after a “momentary” hiccup of thirty-five years in the acting game, Simon returned to his first love, his fascination for making things with his hands.

And whether he is siPadding, painting, drawing or creating stunning pieces of jewellery, Simon is still driven to get up each morning and pursue his passion to create, to learn, and to reinvent himself as a true renaissance man.

Learn more about Simon’s art.


I am indebted to David Parker for many of the photographs used on this site. David is one of Melbourne’s premier photographers and was the official photographer for most of the MTC productions I was in. David is also a film producer – his first movie was ‘Malcolm”.

David photographed the ‘hand jewellery shots’ – Brendon Kennedy did the others. A heartfelt thank you to them both.

Simon Chilvers’ stage and screen bibliography


I’ve heard that I was one of our very respected actors and directors, through thirty five years of constant employment in all forms of the entertainment profession. I wish they’d told me at the time!

Back in 1962, having spent five years in a thoroughly undeservedly successful career in advertising, I followed my natural instincts into the Painting Course at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Amateur theatre was a hobby I immensely enjoyed, but I never intended to become an actor.

But only three months into art school, I was seen in a semi-professional production of ‘Hedda Gabler’, and was subsequently offered the lead in Noel Coward’s ‘Blithe Spirit’ by the UTRC, (later the Melbourne Theatre Company), at that time the only professional repertory company in Australia.

I decided to take advantage of this unexpected once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and took a two months break from painting…a break that lasted until 1996!

A quite unexpected career

From that ‘brief’ thirty-five year period you may remember me from many stage performances all over Australia, including: Othello, Horatio and Claudius in separate productions of Hamlet, Macbeth, Hedda Gabler, The Wild Duck, Uncle Vanya, All’s Well That Ends Well, Much Ado About Nothing, Pericles, Gulls, The Sea, 16 Words for Water, A Happy And Holy Occasion, Masterclass, The Cherry Orchard, An Ideal Husband, The Removalists, Into The Woods, Dead White Males, Present Laughter, The Mikado (for Opera Australia), Paying the Piper, Thark, Cuckoo In The Nest, The Alchemist, Diving For Pearls; the list goes on. I was with the MTC for twenty years, becoming an Associate director.

I was awarded ‘Best Actor’ for the TV mini-series ‘The Dunera Boys’ in 1986, and two years later was nominated for the same award, playing Doctor Evatt in the ABC mini-series ‘The True Believers’.

I played major roles in many other of our most prestigious TV series, including the loved, despised and admired Sergeant Flicker in ‘Rafferty’s Rules’. There was also ‘Corridors of Power’ and ‘The Farm’ for the ABC, as well as the many Crawford productions, including ‘Division 4’, ‘Homicide’, ‘Ryan’, ’ A Country Practice’, ‘Prisoner’, ‘All Saints’ and ‘Willing & Able’.  ‘The Shiralee’ is another memorable high point, and in 1992 ‘Minder’ took me to London to persuade Arthur to visit Australia.

But perhaps my latest TV appearance as the innocent leaf-sweeping victim of the mistaken murder so incompetently organised by Cleaver Green in the ABC series ‘Rake’, should be awarded the highest accolade. So little said…such an impact on the hero’s prison record.

I have also found time to feature in a number of feature films including: ‘Windrider’, ‘Sky Pirates’, ‘Garbo’, ‘Ground Zero’, ‘Annie’s Coming Out’, ‘The Big Hurt’, ‘The Naked Country’, ‘High Rolling in a Hot Corvette’, and my first, ‘Buddies’, for which I was nominated as Best Supporting Actor.

Returning to my first true love


All of the foregoing I still feel was a momentary hiccup in the career of choice, that of painting and drawing, which I have now resumed with gratitude, vigour and delight, along with the most absorbing discipline of jewellery making.



SiPaddings are my ‘little visual jewels’, abstracted from real life, from my own photographs and from my imagination. “When I discovered the iPad I thought it would help me to solve problems in my painting compositions and colour choices. “But it soon took me over. I started to use the apps as art materials in themselves and I started to break all the rules. I mixed them up, I combined them and ended up creating my siPaddings.”


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Simon’s incredible range of drawings is as varied as his paintings, including sensual nudes, stunning landscapes, dramatic still life’s and dreamy abstracts. Providing you with an outstanding range of drawings to suit your home, whatever your decor. And when you order your limited edition Simon Chilvers’ drawing, you are ensured of the highest quality prints available, printed on archival papers, and providing you with the longevity of life that any serious collector demands. Simon’s drawings are available in a range of sizes to perfectly fit your space.

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