Her Master’s Work

It seems no time at all since I got my wife, Sally, back from a stint in Chengdu, China where she was finishing off her four year UTS course of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

And now she’s off unexpectedly to London for an acupuncture convention.

Now I’m in charge of keeping things going here and I thought I’d send you a picture of my constant companion who supervises my activities and keeps me from getting lonely.

Goodly Poussel is her name and she is a Russian Blue pussycat with one white foot. I resisted the obvious cliché of calling her Sock or Patch or White-Footie and she is extremely grateful for that. She even answers to her name; that is, when she thinks it is reasonable to do so. As you will have heard, dogs have Masters and Mistresses, cats have Staff.

I have had dogs and cats all my life, sometimes in fours and fives, but when I was given my first Russian Blue I had no idea that all other pet avenues had been closed to me. She, (all of my cats have been and for ever will be girls, sorry, Ladies,) was named Mousl. This was an attempt at Russian sounding name as well as with a hint of hunting influence.

Since then I was blessed with Muy Simpatico who was a Paragon of all that her breed offers, loyalty, affection, encouragement, constant company without any of the sometimes annoying character idiosyncrasies of most other highly bred feline representatives. Yes, I know that Muy Simpatico does not seem particularly Russian, that being because it’s Spanish and indeed the masculine form. However I don’t apologise for that, and Muy didn’t ever question any of my decisions. As I have tried to explain she was perfect and I never had a sadder day than when she left me by myself with only my Sally to indulge me.

Irreplaceable though she was I now have Goodly Poussel who has a distinctly different personality. But the unmistakable Russian Blue-ness of total loyalty and constant interest in her human and his activities is as strong as all of her relatives.  (I have so far resisted the temptation of likening her behaviour to that of a perfect dog, an unforgivable comparison but as she hasn’t so far learned to read, – I think – I hope I can get away with it.)

I am attaching these photographs of her to give you an idea of her keen critical interest in my artistic career. She likes this particular painting of the Australian interior. She often sits for quite some time analyzing my observations of the subjects that attract my interest.

I hope that perhaps you also might find some pleasure in the representations included in my website. I, and Goodly, recommend them to you.

Posted By admin on July 25, 2016 at 10:15 pm
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