Like so many of Simon’s passions, his jewellery making is entirely self-taught.

“I enjoy torturing myself, doing things the hard way…at any event I usually re-invent the wheel, teaching myself, breaking rules when I don’t know that there are any, and I’m often immensely surprised by the result.

“Making jewellery is never far from my thoughts. It is all-consuming, it demands total concentration, and it denies the ordinary rules of time.

“I make jewellery because it fascinates me and it challenges me.

“I can never read or re-read enough books about it, dream enough dreams about it. Jewellery making remains an abiding passion of mine”

Simon’s passion for jewellery was first ignited in 1982, while he was filming the movie “Buddies” in the mining town of Emerald, Queensland.

From his very first piece, he has loved making many different kinds of pieces, including an engagement ring for his fiancée.

Primarily working in silver, Simon particularly enjoys working with rough-cut sapphires and other semi-precious stones, delighting in the way the designs evolve as he works, the materials dictating the shape of the final piece.

Although Simon never intended to become a jeweller, whenever people see his intricate designs he is constantly asked to make commissioned pieces.


SiPaddings are my ‘little visual jewels’, abstracted from real life, from my own photographs and from my imagination. “When I discovered the iPad I thought it would help me to solve problems in my painting compositions and colour choices. “But it soon took me over. “I started to use the apps as art materials in themselves and I started to break all the rules. “I mixed them up, I combined them and ended up creating my siPaddings.” Be one of the first to own one of these stunning pieces, unique to Simon.


Looking for a beautiful upmarket piece of art for your home, but can’t afford an original painting in the size you want? Simon Chilvers’ limited edition prints offer you all the beauty, colour and magic of an original painting, at the fraction of the cost of an original piece. Our prints are of such an outstanding quality, it will feel like you have the original painting in your own home. And you can chose the piece that fits your home and decor perfectly, searching by subject, colour or size. See how easy it is to order one of these beautiful paintings.


Simon’s incredible range of drawings is a varied as his paintings, including sensual nudes, stunning landscapes, dramatic still life’s and dreamy abstracts. Providing you with an incredible range of drawings to suit your home, whatever your decor. And when you order your limited edition Simon Chilvers’ drawing, you are ensured of the highest quality prints available, printed on archival papers, and providing you with the longevity of life that any serious collector demands. Simon’s drawings are available in a range of sizes to perfectly fit your space.

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