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Looking for a beautiful piece of art for your home, but can’t afford an original painting in the size you want?

These days in many homes these wall space is often limited.  One advantage of my modestly sized artworks is that they fit so easily into quite small, sometimes apparently unusable spaces.  Or, if the room’s proportions are more generous, then the images can be displayed to advantage in attractive, odd-numbered groupings.

My limited edition prints offer you all the beauty, colour and magic of an original PaintingDrawing or SiPadding at the fraction of the cost of an original piece.

The carefully selected paper actually suggests the warm, inviting quality of pastel painting.  The visual texture is so convincing that it is often hard to believe that the images won’t smudge when you touch them.

Select your preferred style of print, subject and size….. and contact us to arrange.

Your Limited Edition Print will be mailed directly to you accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Framing & mounting options are also available.

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