SiPaddings Part 2


The journey of my SiPaddings has been an exciting one. Finding the apps was easy, there are so many of them. Of course, straight away I fell into the trap of downloading almost all I could find that interested me. I now have a computer full of them; for drawing and painting with chalk, with pencil, with pen and ink, oil paint, watercolour, you name it.

I am fascinated by jewellery, precious stone cutting and polishing and carving. I am fascinated by all the distractions of Youtube, by my books, CDs, DVDs, dealing with art, music, theatre and my various other consuming passions. So I had enough around me to keep me busy all day, every day for the rest of my life without ever leaving my armchair. Yet now here I was, fascinated by my iPad.

I studied the apps and what each of them offered and spent a lot of time just playing with them. I avoided at all costs being dictated to and the results gradually became more and more interesting. The results were not always successful but all contributed to my learning process and development of my own style.

I was encouraged by other people seeming to like what I was producing. Some wanted to buy them but of course they only existed on my iPad. I could print them photographically but that wasn’t really satisfactory. A friend of my wife had a printer and was selling her prints on the internet.

She generously printed some of my images and they looked terrific. But the ink is very expensive and I really couldn’t afford to produce enough to make it a worthwhile proposition.

As fate would have it the stars came into alignment at just the right time in the form of the husband of another of Sally’s friends; Brendon the Brilliant. (By the way, I must encourage Sally to make more friends.)

Brendon saw some of my SiPaddings, heard about our problem and said ”You need a website. I can do that for you.” He set about manipulating and photographing and after much devoted effort produced a digital record of all my artwork. A huge quantity requiring more resources than any of us could deal with. We had found a fantastic printer, Haroon of Vision Image Lab, one of the only printers in Sydney capable of producing Art Prints of museum quality . So all we needed to do was to actually create the website.

Along came Deb of Brilliant Blue, web designer extraordinaire, and we were away. What we are now presenting to you is the means for you to view and, if you choose, to purchase wonderful prints of my humble efforts.

Having refined the number of apps that I work with to three or four, I’m now thinking of keeping things fresh by re-visiting my original scatter-gun method of using a great many. Of course there is a price to pay. The creators of these apps didn’t make them at all friendly to one another.. Very un-obliging of them. So in many cases there are limitations, which is why some of the prints are not available in all sizes.

But I think that the plusses are much greater than the minuses.

So forward, onward and, dare I hope, upward? We’ll see!

Posted By Simon Chilvers on March 13, 2016 at 10:00 am
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