When Simon was given an ipad to help distract him from the pain of a spinal operation and to alleviate the inevitable boredom of his extended hospital stay, he had no idea it would open up a brand new area of his creative life.

“Initially I thought the iPad would be a useful tool for sorting out colour problems and layout problems in my drawings and paintings,’ says Simon.

“But before I knew it I was waylaid by the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ rabbit hole of breaking the rules…bending and blending the apps to my will to create my ‘SiPaddings’.

“What began as a means to an end has become an end in itself, and the endless possibilities continue to fascinate me as I experiment with my SiPaddings.”

What are SiPaddings?

Unique to Simon, these “little visual jewels” are as varied and colourful as Simon’s imagination.

Simon discovered a way to use the free iPad apps to talk to each other, and by manipulating them, he can control his brushstrokes and lines on his SiPaddings as precisely as he does on his paintings or drawings.

This produces distinctive artworks that combine some or all of the traditional mediums of drawing, photography and painting, into an exciting new creative form.

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SiPaddings are my ‘little visual jewels’, abstracted from real life, from my own photographs and from my imagination. “When I discovered the iPad I thought it would help me to solve problems in my painting compositions and colour choices. “But it soon took me over. “I started to use the apps as art materials in themselves and I started to break all the rules. “I mixed them up, I combined them and ended up creating my SiPaddings.” Be one of the first to own one of these stunning pieces, unique to Simon.


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